Valve Positioners

Flexible in Any Position — Valve Positioners as Versatile Multi-Taskers

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The standard version of the Sipart PS2 has comprehensive diagnostic functions. It delivers reliable diagnostics data via the positioner and its adjacent units, i.e. the valve and actuator. This allows users to take action at an early stage before a serious valve or actuator fault occurs, thus avoiding a plant shutdown. This is crucial, especially in the case of safety valves.

Typical diagnostic functions are:

  • pneumatic leaks;
  • stiff valves;
  • stiction of the stuffing box;
  • wear on the valve seat or plug;
  • deposits or caking on the valve seat or plug;
  • histograms, trends;
  • temperature measurement, stroke counter, etc.

Through a regular partial stroke test or an additional solenoid valve test, the Sipart PS2 ensures that ESD (emergency shutdown) valves and open/close valves remain movable in emergencies.