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Exciting India: Perspectives for Confectionery Processing and Packaging

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Siegfried May from the confectionery processing equipment supplier company, Hänsel Processing shared information on diverse technologies along with the process for continuous production of hard and soft candy. Apart from this, various technologies for biscuit finishing, cereal and candy bar production, chocolate and caramel enrobing were showcased by Andreas Niebuhr from Sollich. He also elaborated on leading process technologies and efficient production principles for the industry.

Martin McDermott from the chocolate and candy solution provider company, Chocotech spoke about confectionery processes where tradition meets modern technology and innovative technologies were showcased by Markus Rustler from Theegarten-Pactech wherein he elaborated on modern and efficient wrapping technologies for confectionery products.

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In a Nutshell

Overall, the event proved to be beneficial for industry players as it helped them to stay updated on the latest technologies and processes from the confectionary industry. Also, many tasty and mouth watering chocolates and candies images were also displayed along with the presentations. We are sure that by the end of the event, the audience was craving for sweets!