Ensuring Reduced Down Time and Profitability

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A Trailblazer in India

Since the down time for installation of the new system was limited, the ICF valve station was recommended by the company instead of conventional individual controls. Since this was the first ICF to be ordered from India, the company could make sure that the products are not only supplied at the right time, but also would ably support the customer in the installation & commissioning stages of the project making this project a big success and a very good reference. Further orders for hot gas defrost solutions which include products like ICF and SVL Flexline, have also been bagged.

Energy Savings and Reduced Costs – the Benefits

With the new hot gas defrosting solution, the company has easily addressed all the mentioned key pain-points.

  • Energy saving on compressor, by reduced run time and cleaner evaporator coils after defrosts
  • Cleaner evaporator means effective heat transfer and more cooling
  • Reduced shock on system using two stage PMLX Solenoid Valves. Improved life of components and piping system. Enhanced system safety without affecting the defrost process.
  • Reduced water usage (A depleting resource)
  • Reduced cost of labor for defrost, when compared to the water defrosts process

Ananda Seafoods plant has been very impressed with the new hot gas defrost solutions and the additional benefits offered in terms of the ICF solution.

* The author is Deputy Manager - Business Development

* Industrial Refrigeration, Danfoss Refrigeration - Sales / India