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Easy In-line Moisture Measurement Without Elaborate Calibration

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The precise analysis of the product moisture content is influenced by many parameters, including the distribution of the fine and coarse particles and dust and the proportion of bonded, free and crystalline H2O. These influences are frequently not taken into account in laboratory analysis. Therefore it is wise to carry out the correlation of the offline measured values with the product in situ. Knowledge of the product moisture content in the process environment enables better guidance of the process and thus the flow characteristics, which exercise influence on the product flow during further processing, e.g. in tabletisation or capsule filling.

Precise Moisture Measurement Leads to better Product Qualities

Precise determination of product moisture content in the end product has an effect on raising quality as far as shelf life (microbial growth) and water content are concerned, the latter affecting decisively the exact value invoiced for the goods.

Direct Analysis in Continuous Processes

With the MS-LHP 710e moisture sensor, it is possible for the first time to analyse inline and with the necessary reliability the moisture in a batch or in a continuous process. The moisture sensor is based on the analysis of specific wavebands in NIR (near infra-red). These wavebands are analysed cyclically several hundred times per second with a filter photometer. From these readings, the moisture figures are constantly calculated.

The precise correlation between the measured values and the absolute moisture content is secured by a once-only calibration which is then valid for one formulation only. The calibration is carried out during a conventional production run, during which samples are taken in order to determine, for example, the actual moisture content and consequently the correct end point.