Milestones in Digitization/IIoT Digital Solutions for the World of Tomorrow

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For years, Siemens has been the number one trendsetter and driving force behind digitization. The technology giant has created a dedicated digital ecosystem that covers every aspect of the value creation chain: from design and planning through production and operation to maintenance and service. At its heart is the so-called “digital twin”, which enables a seamless exchange of information via integrated data models.

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Discover the pioneers and trendsetters in the process industry with PROCESS.
Discover the pioneers and trendsetters in the process industry with PROCESS.
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Since Werner von Siemens founded a company that assembled pointer telegraphs from a backyard in Berlin, the technology group has written industrial history on many occasions: from the first electric trains to X-ray technology and the Simatic controller solutions, which today still forms the basis for the group’s leading position worldwide in automation technology. With it, Siemens laid the foundations early on for what we now refer to as digitization — long before the buzzword “Industry 4.0” was coined.

The group thus recognized earlier than others that manufacturing companies needed to drastically reduce their throughput times and significantly increase their flexibility. Siemens already presented a milestone for such digital automation of complete production plants in 1996. Via the Siemens portal Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), companies can coordinate the components in their production lines with each other and closely mesh hardware and software. Finally, Mindsphere is the first cloud-based, open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system that connects machines and physical infrastructure with the digital world.

Selected Milestones of Digitization/IIoT

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In the process industry, Siemens has set new standards with a digital ecosystem, at the heart of which is the “digital twin” — a term coined very early on by the company. A milestone here is a joint data model on the basis of the Comos portfolio for lifecycle engineering and plant management. The standardized data platform enables plant planners, operators and constructors to share a seamless flow of information and project-related data across all company levels and in all phases of the project.

The combination of pre-configured operating units via standardized interfaces with the aid of the automation portfolio and energy-efficient operation, remote maintenance, predictive maintenance and remote services all play a role in defining and implementing the vision of Industry 4.0 in the process industry.

It takes special skills and knowledge to know how to develop this type of solution. Siemens has the necessary technical, expert and digital know-how to improve performance along the entire value creation chain — from design through production and operation to maintenance and service.