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“Continually Reinvent Yourself” – How Process Skids Open new Markets for Pumps

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? Rotary pumps have up to 90 % market share in the chemical industry. But that is not your main product. Where do you see opportunities growth for your metering pumps?

GLASMEYER: It is true that rotary pumps have the lion's share of the chmeical market. However, our metering pumps are among the most efficient for the handling of highly dangerous fluids. There are numerous opportunities in this niche market, and we will leverage our customer-specific system approach to exploit very substantial market and growth opportunities.

? The system and package business appears to be the major growth generator, is that correct?

GLASMEYER: Yes, skids and package units are definitely one of our major growth drivers because they give us the opportunity to fully exploit our solutions expertise. Our distributed operational capabilities place us in close proximity to the customer which is a big advantage. Everything we deliver to the oil & gas or chemical industry is customer-specific. To give a current example: In South East Asia we are now building a chemical injection package unit on an amazing scale of 20 x 21 x 11 meters with more than 100 pump heads. The entire unit is being assembled locally with local value-add and in-depth engineering expertise.

? Now that you have a product portfolio which includes pumps, chemical injection packages, diaphragms and online photometry, would it still be correct to characterize Lewa as a pump supplier?

GLASMEYER: We see ourselves as a solutions provider for fluid applications. However, the pump is and will remain the essential element in everything we do. In this field we will continue to invest heavily in innovation.

? What do you regard as the biggest challenge for Lewa as a solutions provider?

GLASMEYER: We have to constantly reinvent ourselves and adapt to evolving needs in a variety of industries and markets. And I am pleased to see, that we are managing this very well.