Containment Valve Containment Valve for Contained Discharge of Big Bags

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Tetra Pak tries to overcome the need for big, heavy dosing and filling equipment for bulk solids with its new ConeValve Containment Valve.

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(Picture: Tetra Pak)
(Picture: Tetra Pak)

The ConeValve allows automatic handling and filling of the most common containers for bulks, including FIBCs (Big Bags), drums or RIBC. The ConeValve system employs an Active (docking station) and a Passive part (valve at the container). The dust and pressure tight connection of the valve to the container allows for a totally contained transfer with no dust problems arising. Also product handling steps like internal fluidisation and discharge aids are applied inside the container or bag. With a pulse vibrating function, the Cone Valve can be used for dosing purposes during product discharge, Tetra Pak says. The use of the cone valve eliminates all operator/bag interaction, since there are no spouts to untie, no tie boxes filled with product or manual valves to activate.