Commodity Markets Prices Commodity Markets: An Overdue Correction (with Charts)

Editor: Dominik Stephan

It’s obvious: the peaks we witnessed on the commodity markets in the first half of 2011 were overstretched. Now investors are cutting positions, leading to a price correction that was, according to analysts, overdue. Our gallery shows trends and values of the global commodity markets.

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High stockpiles of aluminium lead to slightly falling prices in 2011. (Picture: [M] IKB)
High stockpiles of aluminium lead to slightly falling prices in 2011. (Picture: [M] IKB)

Nevertheless not all commodity markets developed into the same direction: the gold price is still high, affected by the struggles within the Eurozone. The oilprice saw a certain release of tension after the International Energy Agency decided to release some of the strategic petroleum reserves to compensate for the loss of production in Lybia.

Analysts nevertheless still fear production losses due to political instability in a big oil-producing country. In this case a price of more than US $ 120 per barrel could be exceeded – under normal circumstances, however, a price of about US $ 110/barrel is regarded as likely.

To get an overview of the developments on the commodity markets, take a look at our gallery.

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