Interview: Sustainable Cement

“Collaborating to Bring about Change for Cement Production”

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PROCESS: What does CSI aim to achieve by 2020?

FONTA: Our primary aim is to increase awareness within and outside the sector. This is because concrete is affordable, resilient to climate change, and more resilient to earthquakes compared to other materials. These benefits need to be highlighted to society as a whole. By 2020 we want to have at least one project of CCS.

This currently is in its pilot phase—if successful, it could contribute between 86 Mt CO2 and 171 Mt CO2 reduction in emissions from the cement sector through CO2 capture from post- and oxy-combustion. In addition, we want to achieve zero fatality rate. One fatality is already a fatality to many. Biodiversity is another aspect we want to focus on.


Furthermore, in India, we want to expand our numbers, reduce the quantity of clinker in cement and achieve an improvement in the use of technologies, particularly alternative fuels. Also, water scarcity is a major problem in India. Our focus would be on reusing water, reducing its consumption in our systems through application of new technologies by 2020 and further enhancing these improvements in the years beyond.

* First Published in PROCESS India