Coating Coating Arm for flawless coating

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

The Professional Coating Arm (PCA) from Schlick, an internationally renowned supplier of customised spray solutions, has been specially designed for coating applications.

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Professional Coating Arm (PCA) with ABC nozzles
Professional Coating Arm (PCA) with ABC nozzles
(Source: Düsen-Schlick)

The Professional Coating Arm (PCA) is fitted with patented ABC Technology as standard. The ABC nozzles can be operated simultaneously and completely homogeneously. The PCA can be used with drum sizes ranging from 12" (Nano PCA) to 72", and with Conti coaters with up to two sets of twelve nozzles.

It is supplied via individually adapted attachments for control air, atomising air, pattern air and liquid (with flow and return), and serves as the supply unit for all nozzles. In other words, it operates according to the ‘manifold’ principle – one supply for all nozzles.

No additional hoses or connectors are required. Depending on the application, customers can choose from a selection of PCA designs, ranging from nano to full-size. There are minimal corners where dirt can build up and installation is quick and easy.

Achema: Hall 6.0, Stand B36