CO2 Capture with Integrally–Geared Centrifugal Compressor

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An Early Adopter

CCS is regarded as a potential technology to fight climate change by many industrial countries, as it can be applied for different applications including gas and coal-fired power plants. “We are gaining further experience and competence in this area through Shell’s order”, says Ulrich Mudrack, head of the Refineries and Hydrocarbon Processing department of MDT in Berlin. Now, the company’s early investments in CO2 applications with integrally geared centrifugal compressors are paying off, Mudrack states: Already in 1999, MDT delivered two RG compressors to the Dakota Gasification Corporation. These compressors have been in service to deliver CO2 for the production of synthetic gas from coal since the turn of the century.

“Our experience and the reliability of our centrifugal compressors have become an important reference”, reports Christof Hüls. Ulrich Mudrack adds: “Including Shell’s Quest project all our global orders for CO2 compression for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and CCS have been won in the last 18 months. This means we are steadily consolidating our technology leadership position.” DST