China: CO2-Based Methanol Production Clariant’s Catalyst to Help China Meet Carbon Neutrality Target

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Clariant's Megamax catalyst will be used for carrying out CO2-based methanol synthesis in China. With this move, the Asian country aims to reach its carbon neutrality target. The catalyst can be applied across a wide range of plant types and technologies.

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Megamax series for CO2-based methanol production.
Megamax series for CO2-based methanol production.
(Source: Clariant)

Munich/Germany – Clariant's Megamax catalyst series for CO2-based methanol production helps China reach its carbon neutrality target. Capturing and converting CO2 emissions is a cornerstone of the technology roadmap for addressing climate change. Synthesizing methanol from CO2 is a particularly valuable approach because methanol forms a building block for thousands of chemical products such as plastics, paints, cosmetics, and fuels — including providing an energy storage carrier for hydrogen.

With the confirmed high energy efficiency and excellent performance, Clariant's Megamax is officially qualified for future use in commercial CO2-based methanol plants.

This product line is designed for methanol producers worldwide and is based on the well-proven copper-zinc-alumina system. The special material composition now outperforms previous generations and benchmarks in carbon efficiency, mechanical stability, and product lifespan.

Clariant's Megamax catalyst successfully passed a qualification test in the Methanol demonstration unit of Air Liquide's Innovation Campus Frankfurt in Germany. The tests demonstrated a high conversion ratio, with a per-pass CO2 conversion rate of up to 30-40 % using H2/CO2 feed. By-product formation was also low and the process achieved high selectivity. Additionally, the catalysts have shown improved stability and low deactivation, permitting an expected long product lifetime.