USA: Ecolabel Certified Architectural Paints Clariant Launches New Line of Environmentally Friendly Paints

Editor: Alexander Stark

Clariant introduced a number of environmentally friendly and hazard label-free products to the North American architectural paints market.

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Clariant’s novel neutralizer in the storage stability test.
Clariant’s novel neutralizer in the storage stability test.
(Source: Clariant)

Charlotte/USA — Expecting the architectural paints and especially environmentally friendly solutions to grow at an above average rate in the US through 2019, Clariant has launched a new additive for this demand.

The new range includes a renewable-based and hazard label-free multifunctional neutralizer New Genamin Gluco 50 and the advanced stabilizer system Dispersogen SPS/SPV for “breathable” biocide-free paints.

The new neutralizer is used to reduce formulation complexity with a single additive and to stay within the low VOC/SVOC limits of the most stringent regulations and eco-labels. It is suitable for paints certified with an ecolabel such as the US Green Seal, the German Blue Angel, or the Chinese Ten Ring. It is also suitable as an ingredient for paints that align with very low VOC limits such as those required in Southern California, where only 50 g/L VOC is allowed in flat indoor paints.

To support the region’s interest in biocide-free paints, the speciality chemicals producer introduces a new stabilizer system. Biocide-free paints are inherently less allergenic since they do not contain biocides such as isothiazolinones. As they are mineral-based, they offer better vapor permeability which contributes to a healthier indoor climate, the company said. They are often called “breathable paints” because the paint film does not seal the substrate, but allows the wall to “breathe.”

The company’s stabilizer system Dispersogen SPS and Dispersogen SPV is suitable for paints which are certified by an ecolabel. Dispersogen SPV is low VOC while Dispersogen SPS is APEO-free. The stabilizer system offers performance advantages by increasing the paint’s lifetime, or storage stability, as well as improving the paint’s handling properties. According to the manufacturer, it overcomes the known viscosity and texture drawback of biocide-free paints which makes them difficult to stir and apply. Biocide-free paint based on this stabilizer system has an enhanced rheology profile which makes it both easier to stir and homogenize before use and to apply onto a surface with a brush or roller.

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