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Chemical Industry in the Americas – Part 2: Brazil, Colombia and Chile

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The government's intend to expand the national petrochemical industry has recently resulted in the building of a new refinery at Cartagena. In the medium–term, Colombia could thereby become independent of low sulphur fuel imports, insiders expect. With these impulses for the country's oil and gas industry, now foreign investors show interest in co-operation with the mostly public Colombian Ecopetrol.

High Demand for Imported Polymer Products in Chile

Cosmetics and personal care products boom in Chile: 2011, sales increased by around eight percent to US $ 2.375 million. Now analysts expects further annual growth rates of around five percent, roughly the same as for pharmaceuticals and remedies.

The plastics and polymer industry, former bearer of hope, performed disappointing, generating losses in early 2011 in both sales and outputs. In the mean time, the demand for polymers was catered by imported goods: Especially manufacturers of semi–finished or finished products could boost their sales by nearly 20 percent until July 2011 to around US $ 700 million.

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