Research & Development Biocon Opens New R&D Centre in Bangalore

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Biocon has opened its new Integrated Research and Development Centre in Bangalore, inaugurated by Nobel Laureate Prof. Kurt Wuthrich. The new Biocon Research Center (BRC), is aimed at pursuing research on biologics that will address unmet medical needs.

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Biocon Research Centre Inauguration on Apr 05, 2012 (Picture: Biocon)
Biocon Research Centre Inauguration on Apr 05, 2012 (Picture: Biocon)

Bangalore/India – As a Biotechnology Research Centre with multi-disciplinary capabilities in Molecular Biology, Biologics Process Sciences, Formulation Research and Preclinical and Clinical Development, BRC is a first-of-its-kind facility in South-East Asia. The centre is also equipped with cutting edge instrumentation for extensive molecular and functional characterisation of biologics.

"Promise in Scientific Talent"

Inaugurating the Centre, Prof. Kurt Wuthrich said, "I am quite enthralled with the Biocon Research Centre's capability which is at par with international standards. I will keenly watch the outcome of innovation from this centre as I see a lot of promise in the scientific talent at Biocon."