USA: Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate Plant BASF to Build MDI Synthesis Unit in Louisiana

Editor: Alexander Stark

BASF announced the construction start of a new methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) synthesis unit at the company’s Verbund site in Geismar, Louisiana, in early Q2 2018.

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Blick über den BASF-Verbundstandort in Geismar
Blick über den BASF-Verbundstandort in Geismar
(Bild: BASF)

Ludwigshafen/Germany and Geismar/USA — The new unit will double the company's annual MDI production capacity in North America from 300,000 metric tons to close to 600,000 metric tons in the medium term. Planning and engineering for the new unit started in 2016 and were recently completed.

With this investment, the German chemicals producer intends to support the growth of its North American MDI customers. MDI is an important component for polyurethanes — a versatile plastics material that contributes to improved insulation for appliances, provides lighter materials for cars and helps save energy in buildings.

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