Malaysia: Sulfur Derivatives Arkema to Double Metyl Mercaptan Production in Malaysia

Editor: Alexander Stark

Arkema announced a project to double its methyl mercaptan production capacity at its Kerteh site in Malaysia. The product is used in animal feed, petrochemical and refining markets.

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Thiochemicals Kerteh plant in Malysia started early 2015
Thiochemicals Kerteh plant in Malysia started early 2015
(Source: Arkema)

Colombes Cedex/France — The Thiochemicals Kerteh plant started production early 2015. Now the manufacturer intends to double its production capacity of methyl mercaptan, a sulfur-based intermediate that is key for manufacturing of methionine and other sulfur derivatives. Annual growth of these markets is expected to exceed 5 % in the coming years, the company says.

According to the company, this project should come on stream in 2020 and would represent one of the main pillars of the group’s future growth.

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