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An Overview of Cable Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Control cables are widely used in this segment for key application areas such as robotics, motors, and hydraulic systems. The power cables are mainly used for transmission. Profibus and ethernet cables are used for networking and data transmission. Lapp cables are extensively used due to presence of various German machinery manufacturers who demand high service levels. The key influencers are large pharmaceutical companies, EPC / consultants and machinery suppliers who demand best quality owing to the criticality of applications. Lapp India provides superior quality cabling solutions to ensure consistent performance.

The State of the Art in Control Cables

Lapp cables offer flexibility which simplifies installation where space is limited. It possesses insulating properties after combustion due to remaining SiO2 ash on the conductor. These are ideal for areas with high ambient temperatures where insulating and sheath materials of conventional cables will embrittle after a short while.