Coriolis Flowmeters

An Italian Refinery Uses Emerson’s Micro Motion Coriolis Flowmeters for Fiscal Measurement

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Measuring the Benefits

  • Availability: Micro Motion Coriolis devices are extremely reliable and require minimal maintenance. The presence of a master meter on the skid further increases availability by allowing the other meters to be calibrated without interrupting operations. Using valves, the skid can change to a “pay and check” mode for redundant measurement, or to a “duty and master” mode, where the master meter audits the duty meters. The master meter itself is calibrated periodically at one of Emerson’s calibration centers, but there is no need to halt operations whilst this takes place. These benefits increase availability by ten percent.
  • Quality control: Micro Motion Coriolis devices provide an accurate measurement of density, which can be used to check the quality of the product. Contaminants such as water, if not identified before delivery, can lead to costly complaints from the buyer.
  • Productivity: the increased accuracy of Micro Motion meters helps to ensure that the specified amount of product has been loaded or unloaded. For fiscal applications their accuracy is +0.2/–0.3 percent, so 20,000 t of diesel as measured could give rise to an error of 60 t. For the same operation, a traditional flowmeter with an accuracy of ±0.5 percent could produce a maximum error of 100 t.

As a result, API says its overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) — the product of availability, quality and productivity — has increased by around ten percent.

In addition, the reliability of the Micro Motion instruments and the integrated structure of the skid have helped to reduce the cost of maintenance to almost zero. The running costs, including power and utilities, spare parts management and personnel costs have also been minimized. Overall, operating costs have been reduced by at least 50 percent.

The solution is extremely user-friendly for operators and has simplified procedures for fiscal declaration. It has also made it much easier to create the documentation to accompany shipments.

API is extremely satisfied with the new metering system. The company is currently working on a project to rationalize its sea shipment procedures, and will soon install Emerson’s Micro Motion measurement systems to handle all load sizes. API is also considering Emerson for a future update of its loading bays. In this application API believes the new skid will not only reduce maintenance requirements, but lower error margins and reduce calibration requirements.