Unplanned Downtime for LSB Ammonia Plant Failure Causes Downtime for LSB Facility

Editor: Dominik Stephan

A bearing failure and resulting gasket leak caused LSB Industries to shut down its chemical factory at Cherokee, Alabama. Repairs could take a whole month, LSB speakers stated.

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Spare parts at a chemical factory.
Spare parts at a chemical factory.
(Picture: PROCESS)

Cherokee, Alabama/USA – LSB hopes to bring all plant assets back on–stream by the end of 2014. The downtime has and will continue to result in lost fixed cost absorption while the plant is not operating, as well as lost production, which is expected to total approximately 16,000 tons of ammonia, representing saleable product of approximately 20,000 tons of UAN, 9,000 tons of AN Solution and 1,700 tons of ammonia.

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