Germany: Speciality Chemicals Akzo Nobel Announces Expansion Plans at Hilden Site

Editor: Alexander Stark

More than 500 guests celebrated 150 years of industrial production at Akzo Nobel's site in Hilden, Germany. On the occasion, the company announced plans to increase the current number of employees from 330 to 450 people.

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Akzo Nobel celebrates 150 years of industrial history in Hilden, Germany.
Akzo Nobel celebrates 150 years of industrial history in Hilden, Germany.
(Source: Akzo Nobel)

Hilden/Germany — Employees and their families as well as the neighbours of the plant were invited to attend the celebration in Düsseldorfer Straße. "We welcome the expansion plans and are happy to know that Akzo Nobel will stay in our town," Birgit Alkenings, mayor of Hilden, said in her address. "This is a great signal for our town."

The company produces coatings and paints for the wood and metal manufacturing industry at this production site. The location is also the company's largest production and development site in Germany.

Volker Puchta, site manager said: "Within a period of only five years, we intend to increase the production volume at this site significantly. Therefore we will also increase the number of employees in our laboratories, offices and the production area".

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