Automating a Spices Plant

A Tasty Connection: How Automation Spices Up Food Production

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Prior to installing this, the spice maker faced various challenges. Elaborating on the same, Shah said, “Before implementation of the AZO plant, we had two major issues apart from recipe secrecy. Congestion of the shopfloor was one of the main problems that we faced as earlier all the ingredients were kept in sacks on the factory floor, and taken for batching as per the production campaign. This created a logistical nightmare for storing, and also problems in tracking and tracing. Additionally, consistency of the recipe was also a challenge, owing to possible operator errors,” described Shah.

On a concluding note, Shah said, “We have never had any issues with the plant. There have been minor issues with the controls largely due to operators getting a bit adventurous on our side. But, these issues have been resolved speedily by AZO. Plus, the Vedic team is always available for our help.”