Wireless Automation Wireless Technology brings Global ICT Companies to Oulu, Finland

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The Capital of Northern Scandinavia, Oulu’s R&D ecosystem is the solution to all-round of mobile business needs. Oulu takes twelve of Oulu’s most interesting companies to this year’s Mobile World Congress, between February 24th–27th, to tell why their products and services may be the next big thing in the wireless world.

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Promoting the corse of wireless automation at Oulu
Promoting the corse of wireless automation at Oulu
(Picture: Ernhofer/PROCESS)

”All companies looking for wireless connectivity solutions in their strategy, are looking up to Oulu at the moment. In short, they need Oulu’s technological R&D know-how to boost their mobile business”, says Janne Mustonen, the spokesman of City of Oulu, BusinessOulu’s Key Account Director of the ICT Sector.

Oulu has provided the world with numerous cutting-edge solutions over the years.

“Oulu’s R&D potential is so strong, that I could say we can turn an idea into a product within 30 days in Oulu”, Mustonen reveals.

Wireless Technology is in Companies’ DNA in Oulu

Oulu has a well-earned reputation for its outstanding radio technology expertise. In fact, about 60 % of the world’s wireless traffic runs through Oulu based technology. However, nowadays Oulu’s technological expertise is evolving into different fields, such as Life Science, Biotechnology, Printed Intelligence, or even 3D Internet.