Wireless Data Transfer Wireless Data Transfer for the Process Industry

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Phoenix Contact presents a new wireless HART adapter that allows the connection of existing 4–20 mA systems with new wireless technology.

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(Picture: Phoenix Contact)
(Picture: Phoenix Contact)

The adapter ensures the integration of new field devices into fieldbus networks without the need of cable routing, allowing the connection of up to four HART devices. Furthermore, the new adapter can be used independently to send digitalized status values from any field device with 4–20 mA.

Phoenix claims the device to be especially suitable for temporary monitoring applications and installations in Zone 2 environments, as it can be supplied with current from a 4–20 mA circuit or directly with 24 V DC.

The application of TSMP (Time Synchronized Mesh Protocol) for wireless HART ensures redundancy and fail-safe functionality. TSMP equipped wireless HART technology allows to operate short range wireless networks that are both easy to install and maintain and can be expanded uncomplicated when needed.