Olefins Expansion Project Williams Partners Ramp Up Production in Geismar

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Williams Partners newly expanded olefins plant in Geimar, Lousinna has been ramped up to 87 % of its full and expanded production rate. In mid-June the plant exceeded 4.6 million pounds of ethylene per day.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma/USA – With the repairs made after a local electrical outage, an expansion plant transformer re-installed and the expansion equipment online, the plant continues to make progress each day toward its full expanded production rate, company speakers state.

“Our primary objective this year is to once again be a reliable supplier of olefins to our customers and we are very pleased to be progressing toward expanded production at the plant,” said John Dearborn, senior vice president, NGL & Petchem Services. “We continue our emphasis on operational discipline and maintaining the excellent safety performance demonstrated by our Geismar team throughout this expansion process.”

The expanded ethylene production capacity at the plant is 1.95 billion pounds per year. Williams Partners’ share of the total capacity of the expanded plant is approximately 1.7 billion pounds per year.