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Why PAT Must Come Out of the Silo

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A New Platform for Embedded Spectrometer

Away from the analysis agency, the technology enterprise Tec 5, which specializes in things “embedded”, has developed a new platform for embedded spectrometer systems called “tecsAAS“, which performs acquisition of spectral data, data processing and communication with the process interface independently.

Designed for individual measuring points in which a second measurement channel can be used for online reference, this platform is not connected to sensor types or spectral ranges.

A modular software (firmware), comparable to the process software Multispec Pro II, it permits parameterization of the individual steps of the measurement data recording and processing right up to evaluation on the basis of the chemometry models created on the PC.

A classical programming is normally nor required, stresses Hanns Simon Eckhardt of “tec5“. The only drawback of the clever idea: the presented use sample comes from agrarian technology, also the technique is available for the chemical industry. That shows clearly that chemical industry has to speed up PAT-applications.


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