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Why PAT Must Come Out of the Silo

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Making PAT understandable – but how?

The value addition of PAT is frequently not seen clearly, especially in the context of complex analysis methods and sensor systems, because it is still trapped in academics, emphasises Dr. Thomas Steckenreiter, Director Support und Services at Bayer Technology Services, repeatedly.

It would not be any easier in the future either, because the link between PAT and Industry 4.0 anticipates even more complex argumentation chains. Moreover, the options that smart sensor technology unfolds cannot be explained in three simple sentences.

How to make clear the benefits of PAT?

Good advice is therefore expensive. How can PAT come out of the academic silo? And how does one convey the benefits of the system, whose R&I scheme is at least as complicated as that of a sub-system? These questions are being handled by the organisation team since the inception of the Process Analytics Work Group managed by Dechema and GdCH, and they formed the core theme of the event in Vienna.