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Bosch Packaging is one of the market leaders in packaging technology, but it has long lagged behind in continuous production. Now the company has struck a blow and has presented the newly developed Xelum platform. Here, the steps of dosing, mixing, granulating and tabletting are combined in a continuous process.

In the design of the platform, Bosch has used combination of proven techniques and the latest technology: “On the basis of our innovative granulating technology, we have developed a new system for continuous production that allows the manufacturer to dose even the smallest amounts of active ingredient precisely”, explains Fritz Martin Scholz, Product Manager at Bosch Packaging Technology.

The granulating technology comes from the Bosch subsidiary Hüttlin, which has been part of the group since 2011, the tablet press is from Bosch Manesty. Ima is also relatively late to the party. The company has been working for some years with Continuus, a spin-off from MIT in Boston/USA.

But the cooperation is tackling the key issues, because the aim is to create a universal concept from API production to the finished tablet. The Italian apparatus manufacturer are now taking a major step with Croma, a machine for continuous coating. Why is Ima putting the coating process at the beginning of development?

Coating is the link between two continuous processes: crimping and packaging, explain the experts of the company. Croma was designed for inline production with a tablet press, which allows medium production volume.