Continuous Production Process

Who is the CMS-Champion?

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Gea Pharma Systems is undoubtedly a pioneer in the field of continuous production. On the basis of a continuous mixer, Gea developed the Consigma tablet series ten years ago, which has always worked on the first-in-first-out principle. Now, Gea is complementing the line with a dosing and mixing system to be used in formula development and allows formulations of up to six ingredients.

A further development with Consigma as a basis are the transportable, PCMM (portable, continuous, miniature, modular) pod-based mini-factories for which Gea won the Facility of the Year Award together with Pfizer and G-con last year. Thanks to the units shrunk to mini-format, the complete manufacturing process can be installed in a mobile and modular setup, which can be distributed worldwide and installed quickly.

Gea experts are convinced that, in ten years, the vast majority of tablets will be produced in such modular continuous factories which are only a fraction of the size of conventional factories.