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Dust Control

Optimisation of Dust Suppression using Water and Additives

To comply with the newest governmental regulations, PT Kaltim Prima Coal has set up and optimised a new dust control and management system for their coal preparation operations in Indonesia. read...

Dust Control

Dry Fog Dust Suppression

There are a number of systems used for dust suppression. These various suppression technologies call for adding different volumes of moisture to the material. read...

Fire & Explosion Protection

Dust Explosion Prevention and Protection in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

In the food and pharmaceutical Industries many materials represent an extreme hazard to personnel and plant in the event of a combustible dust explosion. Design decisions taken early in a project allow to optimize protection. read...

Polymer Logistics

Plant Engineering for large Polymer Compounding Facilities

Building a large scale polymer compounding facility requires the know-how of compounding, the solids handling technologies, the logistics, the control system design capabilities and the civil construction. read...