Oil production in the North Sea Which Companies are Profiting from Statoil's Prestige Project in the North Sea?

Author Anke Geipel-Kern

It is a project of superlatives: The tapping of the Johan Sverdrup oil field discovered in the North Sea. We have researched as to who is involved with Statoil’s prestige project there. .

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Future Vision: Installation at Johan Svedrup-Field
Future Vision: Installation at Johan Svedrup-Field
(Statoil - Statoil)

The discovery of crude oil in the North Sea off Stavanger was the find of the decade five years ago. In 2011, advance units struck a huge oil field in experimental drillings and named it Johan Sverdrup. The Norwegian crude oil group Statoil has gone about the job properly since last year and is awarding contracts to tap the deposit.

Who all are involved in this super project?

  • Statoil has already entrusted Aibel with a EPC contract for the oilrig in February 2015 itself, which is supposed to be built in the first phase of development.
  • Now, Technip Norway is also profiting from it. The contract is for the construction and laying down of an undersea pipeline 29 kilometres long.
  • Another contract for three undersea platforms for injecting water has been bagged by Ocean Installer.
  • Aker Solutions was commissioned with the creation of a concept studio. That means a working platform and the question as to how the connection to other platforms could look. The design is expected to be ready this summer.
  • Mitsui is providing 220,000 tonnes of steel for the construction of the oil and gas pipeline network extending 430 kilometres, and which is required for transporting the oil and gas.
  • The production of the undersea pipeline is supposed to start this year at Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal (NSSMC) in Japan. Corrosion protection for the pipeline network will come from Wasco Coatings Malaysia, which is also in charge of the inside coating of the pipeline.
  • Saipem has been entrusted with the laying down of the pipeline planned for spring 2018.
  • The Norwegian Flux Group is providing valves valued from 60 to 70 million Norwegian crowns.
  • PG Flow Solutions and the subsidiary Calder could qualify for the delivery of skids for the MEG (Methanol and Glycol) and CIP- (Chemical Injection Package) injection systems. That includes high pressure pumps and flow metre developed for the project.

The Norwegian government wants to develop Johan Sverdrup in two phases. Laying down the pipeline will be the first step. The production is expected to start in 2019. Till now, mainly Norwegian or Norway-based companies have benefited from the contracts awarded, which are valued at 50 billion Norwegian crowns in all.

The largest oilfield in the North Sea

The deposit Johan Sverdrup discovered in 2011 off the coast of Stavanger is the largest place of discovery in the North Sea in the past decade and was a complete surprise, as experts did not suspect any new deposits in the North Sea. According to estimates, the field contains between 1.7 and 3 billion barrels of crude oil. There have been long disputes over who will hold the drilling rights. The field is now divided among five companies, who all have received the drilling rights: Statoil (40.0267%) (operator), Lundin Norway (22.6%), Petoro (17.36%), Det norske oljeselskap (11.5733%) and Maersk Oil (8.44%). Norway is utilising the well-developed North Sea grid and the petrochemical installations in North Rogaland for the drilling which is supposed to start in 2019.

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