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When will the new storage battery be here?

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Ready for Market in 2017

The goals for the second storage technology are also ambitious: water electrolysis in which water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen with the help of electricity.

Hydrogen can store as an energy source, convert into electricity when needed, for fuel cell drive systems or can be used to produce chemicals such as methane, methanol or ammonia. The hydrogen is stored in underground salt caverns: at a pressure of 200 bars, for example, the energy density is 200 kilowatthours per cubic meter.

The company wants to use its experience with more than 100,000 units chlorine-alkaline electrolysis and thus lower the investment costs, which should be lower than competing solutions by a factor of 3.5 to 5.The process technicians are simultaneously striving for an efficiency of up to 80 per cent. The system shall be ready for the market in 2017. AGK