Tank contents gauges


WEKA TLI, continuous level measurement in the tank as an optimal supplement to WEKA bypass displays

The continuous level sensors from WEKA are the perfect complement to the Weka bypass system, wherever external cultivation is not possible. Fully electronic and, with the exception of the float, with no moving parts, they provide reliable level readings for the remote display. The XM types work according to the voltage divider principle and provide output voltages between zero and supply voltage, similar to the float level. Most types are also available in the XT version, where an integrated converter converts the voltage signal into a 4 ... 20mA signal (current sink).


principle of operation
The level sensors are installed vertically in the tank to be monitored and connected by means of a cable to an external evaluation unit. Within the hermetically pressure-resistant sliding tube is over its entire length equipped with reed contacts and resistors board. The magnets integrated in the float activate the reed contacts, which trigger a signal change analogue to the level height via the resistors.

The voltage divider principle
The electronic components are designed to switch through a defined magnetic field in a controlled 2-3-2 sequence. This results in a quasi-linear output signal with high repeat accuracy and offers the advantage that if one individual reed fails, the entire device fails, but only results in a faulty measurement of one measurement step.

The float technology
The proven and robust float technology allows true level detection without the need for extrapolated values ​​from indirect measurements, such as pressure or echo, and independent of temperature and air pressure fluctuations. This ensures safe, direct measurement, even in tanks with curved walls, or where continuous, vertical accessibility is not possible.

The float technology makes it possible to detect separation layers of two liquids in practically all tank sizes and shapes as the only measuring principle. Wherever two non-intermixing media with a density difference of more than 0.1 g / ccm are to be measured, WEKA-TLI's deliver the exact filling height of the separating layer.

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