High pressure valves


A pressure above 420bar becomes very demanding even without the requirements of cryogenics and brings certain materials to their limit of load. WEKA has the know-how to design and produce tailor-made solutions and to accompany customers during commissioning and maintenance.

High pressure is more and more an issue in the context of hydrogen. The fuel cell vehicles have a tank in which hydrogen is stored at 350 or 700 bar and even the distribution of hydrogen from the production site to the application is carried out at high pressure.

At the same time, the operating pressure is constantly being increased both in room temperature applications and in the cryogenic area.

Together with well-known manufacturers from the automotive and gas engineering sectors, WEKA has engaged in demanding projects and thereby gained know-how.

Products already manufactured include room temperature valves up to 640bar and DN25, small diameter cryovans in classes 420 and 1000bar, check valves in the classes already mentioned, as well as numerous cryogenic and room temperature valves in the 250bar range up to size DN50.

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