WEKA Sense - Self-calibrating cryogenic flow measurement


The new WEKA SENSE thermal flow measurement system is the result of research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and development and technical implementation at WEKA.

Flow measurement is a common task when liquids or gases flow through pipes in the course of a technical application. Wherever liquids had to be measured close to absolute zero, existing methods reached their limits when the flow had to be precisely determined.

The system has an important unique selling point: its innovative self-calibration capability.

The WEKA SENSE consists of external 19-inch rack electronics and a compact sensor, which is connected to the electronic unit via the intermediate stage of a vacuum feedthrough.

The following features characterize the system:

  • The very accurate and reliable determination of the flow rate by eliminating systematic measuring errors makes the WEKA SENSE particularly advantageous for use in the flow measurement of cryogenic liquids.
  • The measuring principle does not affect the process - heat input and pressure loss for the sensor are negligibly low.
  • The compact design allows easy integration of the sensor without the need to adapt the already space-restricted system      layout. In addition, due to the low weight, no support geometry is required at the inlet and outlet of the pipeline.
  • The simple installation of the sensor in the fluid line of the coldbox and the simple commissioning can be carried out by the user himself without additional effort or adjustments, neither on the sensor nor on the electronics.
  •  Easy handling and operation.
  •  The Cernox temperature sensors integrated in the measuring device allow very accurate temperature measurement to be displayed.

WEKA SENSE is an adaptive, intelligent sensor that can be calibrated under any conditions, especially when the stored values of an intrinsic calibration are used for increasingly accurate measurements during operation. With conventional methods of flow measurement, however, there is no way to check measurement uncertainties against manufacturer specifications. The correction of falsified measured values caused by ageing or contamination is also an issue that can be avoided by the intrinsic calibration of the WEKA SENSE. Due to the high-precision flow measurement of the WEKA SENSE, a reduction in operating costs can be expected after installation, as the system can be controlled more efficiently.

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