Level Measurement - Visual level indicator - Magnetic-Switches


The switches are used to extend the functions of the level indicator to become a level switch. They control contactors for pumps and valves or the switching position can be evaluated directly by a PLC or by computer inputs.


The magnetic switch is installed on the outside of the standpipe of the visual level indicator opposite to the indication rail. The switching logic is reversed when the magnetic switch is turned upwards with the cable outlet at the top, or when the magnetic switch is installed at the front next to the indication rail where this is technically permissible.

The high-quality 316/316L stainless steel housing makes it possible to use the magnetic switch in virtually any environment with medium temperatures of up to +350 °C. The number of switching points is only restricted by the space requirements.


The float magnet of the level indicator actuates the reed contact in the magnetic switch as soon as the liquid has reached the switching position. All of the magnetic switches are bistable and thus maintain the switching state when the float passes them. They are available as on-off switches (SPST) or as changeover switches (SPDT) with a switching capacity of 230 V/1 A/60 VA/60 W or 250 V/1.3 A/80 VA/80 W.

Use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres

For use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres, versions in an intrinsically safe design (Ex i) or versions with pressure-tight explosion-proof housings (Ex d) that have been type-tested according to the European Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) or according to IECEx are available.

Quality assurance by 100 % routine inspection and testing

Especially for electrical products, safety testing is an absolute must in order to be able to rule out possible electric shock hazards. This is why we test each individual magnetic switch prior to its delivery as to if it is safe and functions properly.

Wide variety of our magnetic switches

Whether with cable out, plug-in connector or terminal box; in order to ideally supplement your level indicator, you select the version which best suits your application. Accessories such as magnetic switches, transmitters or other options can also be retrofitted at a later stage on request.

For most applications, you will find a suitable device from our standard program. Again and again, however, also customized solutions are required for special operating conditions. Our strengths include the development, production and testing of customized solutions to suit your individual requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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