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Feb 25, 2020

Valve Technology

Valve technology at WEKA is closely connected to cryogenics. In the last 35 years, WEKA has established itself as the market leader for helium valves and customer-specific fittings.

The first fittings made of stainless steel have already been manufactured by WEKA in the nineteen fifties, when this material was still not very widely used. At that time, they were mainly used in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals industry as well as in the nuclear power stations in Switzerland.

The market increasingly shifted towards liquid gases and cryogenics. Today, WEKA covers the area of the cryogenic temperature valves from -270°C up to approx. -200°C in the low-pressure area of up to 40 bar and the ambient temperature valves for gases with high sealing requirements in the pressure range of up to 1000 bar.

In addition, needle valves up to a nominal diameter of DN15 for ambient and cryogenic temperature are part of the product programme, which can also be used for challenging oxygen applications.

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