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Jun 8, 2020

Check Valves: Baetting Valves

With valves for the gas industry, cryogenics and the space infrastructure, Bättig has already been synonymous with highest reliability in the sixties. Although there are some new technologies on the market today, Bättig valves are still in demand in the space industry.

The fuel supply of the rockets for the launch takes only a few, hectic minutes. Due to the narrow planning, there is no room for something unexpected.

Tried and tested solutions such as the Bättig valves are therefore not simply replaced by other products, but maintained and kept in operation for as long as possible. Supplying the required spare parts or valve components of all Bättig valves, WEKA supports this approach.

More than 1000 valves are used in the launching platform of Ariane 5 heavy launch vehicle. An additional 1000 or more valves are installed in the peripheral infrastructure on the premises in French Guiana.

Today as they did 50 years ago, Bättig valves meet the highest requirements, have a robust design, achieve a high degree of tightness and can feed hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and helium from the system into the rocket both in the high-pressure and the cryogenic range.

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