Silicone Products Wacker Opens New Logistics Center in China

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

A total of €6 million — this sum Wacker has invested in its new logistics center, located on the company’s Zhangjiagang production site in Jiangsu province. Now, the facility has come on stream.

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The heart of the new logistics center in Zhangjiagang is a high-bay ware-house covering 4,000 square meters.
The heart of the new logistics center in Zhangjiagang is a high-bay ware-house covering 4,000 square meters.
(Picture: Wacker)

Munich/Germany – Used as a distribution center for downstream silicone products manufactured on site, the new facility enables the company to supply its customers in the region even faster and with even greater flexibility.

The heart of the logistics center is a high-bay warehouse covering 4,000 square meters. All incoming and outbound goods are recorded electronically and distributed across the center’s 9,000 pallet bays by a computer-aided warehouse management system.


“The Chinese chemical market is not only one of the largest in the world, but also one of the most demanding,” said Wacker Silicones President Dr. Christian Hartel during the inauguration ceremony. He explained that a highly competitive environment made it important to continually optimize service quality and help to keep costs in line so as to meet high customer demands. “With the new logistics center, we are taking a decisive step forward.”

Wacker’s Zhangjiagang site has been experiencing a rise in volumes for years. The new center can supply customers with silicone products faster and with greater flexibility. This gives Wacker a competitive edge on the service front while helping to keep costs in line. What is more, the high-bay warehouse provides plenty of space for expansion. The IT-assisted warehouse management system will also help to improve the handling of small volume specialty products.

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