Germany: Dispersions and Dispersible Polymers Wacker is Expanding Capacities for Polymeric Binders

Editor: Alexander Stark

Wacker Chemie is expanding its existing production plants for polymeric binders in Germany.

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Hoisting the premix tank into the production building at Wacker’s main site in Burghausen.
Hoisting the premix tank into the production building at Wacker’s main site in Burghausen.
(Source: Wacker)

Munich/Germany — The Munich-based chemical group is currently building another dispersion reactor with an annual capacity of 60,000 metric tons at its Burghausen site. Some € 25 million have been earmarked for the production and local-infrastructure expansion. The plant is scheduled for completion before the end of the year.

The company's dispersions are used to formulate low-odor and low-emission indoor paints, but can also be found in plasters, adhesives, carpet applications or technical textiles. Moreover, they are the key raw material for the production of dispersible polymer powders for construction applications. The chemical company manufactures these powders by spray drying at its Burghausen site.

“The enlargement of our dispersion production in Burghausen is part of our strategy to achieve further profitable growth through expansions at existing production plants,” said Rudolf Staudigl, president & CEO of Wacker Chemie, explaining the investment measure.

Alongside the new reactor, the Group is also investing in the expansion and modernization of local infrastructure.

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