Vision and Values – Process Control Solutions in the Petro–Business

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The Measure of Success

Refining is a highly competitive industry and uncertainties in the world mean additional pressure on margins. The region will see the addition of over 1.2 million barrels per day of refining capacity in the next few years, which will help make the Middle East a major world refining centre. Bapco continues to invest for the future, improving its human capital through education and training, particularly in the field of applied sciences. In a world where modern technology and new competitors from across the globe are constantly shortening product lifetimes, entrepreneurship and innovation will ensure the sustainability of a vibrant private sector.

Talib adds: "Through leading-edge software, Bapco can rapidly respond to changing market conditions or upsets in their operations. The business is optimising its petroleum supply chain with integrated refinery planning and standardised platforms. Ultimately, our new generation of engineers can maximise profitability and drive improvements. With our clear vision and sound investments, Bapco will sustain long-term economic value for Bahrain and continue to strive for excellence."

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