Vision and Values – Process Control Solutions in the Petro–Business

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"Effective refinery planning defines the direction for performance across the organisation", Talib says. "The alignment of daily plant operational decisions with corporate and financial objectives is crucial for productivity. From forecasting to feedstock valuation, crude run and to unit optimisation, the single objective is to maximise profitability. Equipped with leading-edge software, we are well prepared to function with a more transaction-oriented and commercially astute approach to our business."

Bapco’s investment in AspenTech software is a perfect example. The Aspen One suite consists of manufacturing, engineering and supply chain applications and has contributed to Bapco’s success, including optimising processes, tightening control of operations and enhancing overall quality.

How Process Control Solutions Add to Efficiency

From the Manufacturing suite, Bapco is using Aspen Tech’s Advanced Process Control for maintaining high operating efficiencies in the process plant (i.e. APC has the proven capability to adhere to safety and process constraints while moving the process to deliver higher value products). From peer reviews, such as the Solomon APC Study, Bapco is achieving ‘top tier’ performance in several groups of comparable process units. The estimated gap due to loss of opportunity is minimal compared to ‘best in class’ performing units.

The expectation is that the new tools and features provided in Aspen One will reduce engineering effort and allow faster deployment and turn-around of APC applications. Also, Aspen HYSYS is the modelling tool Bapco uses for conceptual design, optimisation, business planning, asset management and performance monitoring for oil & gas production, gas processing and petroleum refining. "Aspen PIMS is the tool that facilitates Bapco’s enterprise-wide planning through optimisation of feedstock evaluation, product slate production, plant design and operations, enabling our plants to run at maximum efficiency and profitability."