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Valve Blocks for Sterile Processes

Gemü - Valve Blocks for Sterile Processes

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Experience the benefits of the GEMÜ M600 multiple port valve block in this webcast. Up to now, complex processes have been implemented by means of complicated welded constructions. The valves, fittings and pipe components used for this not only caused a major assembly overhead but occupied more space. Dead spaces were unavoidable, but companies accepted this for a lack of alternatives.
The introduction of the GEMÜ M600 block construction series puts these problems firmly in the past. All valve seats, connection geometries and cross connections are integrated within a single component.

This gives users the following benefits:
  • customer-specific design
  • compact footprint
  • less dead space
  • optimized for venting
  • no need for fittings, welds and complex reworking
  • shorter validation times