Process Water UV Disinfection

| Editor: Doris Neukirchen

Designed for industrial and pharmaceutical process water applications, Hanovia’s new AF3 ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system offers a high microbial kill rate with low power consumption and low pressure drop. A cGMP version is available.

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The AF3 can treat flowrates of up to 50 m3/h. Axial flow through a unique L-shaped, elongated, treatment chamber increases residence time and improves disinfection performance. The treatment chamber, which was designed with the help of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, is extremely flexible and can be installed either horizontally or vertically. With a life of up to 16,000 hours, the system’s Amalgam UV lamps produce up to three times the output of standard low-pressure mercury lamps. A key feature of the lamps is their ability to operate at temperatures up to 40 °C, compared to just 18 °C for conventional low-pressure lamps, without any significant loss of output or efficiency. Higher output means that the AF3 requires fewer lamps than a conventional UV system of the same output, and uses less power. Three levels of control are available, all with outputs that can be linked to building management or SCADA systems. An optional UV monitor provides continuous measurement of UV intensity.

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