Electric actuators Using Hart communication protocol

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Typical point-to-point wiring in a Hart System
Typical point-to-point wiring in a Hart System
(Picture: Auma)

Electric actuator manufacturer Auma announces that a Hart interface option can be ordered for the company’s AC .2 and ACExC .2 controls. In compliance with the IEC 61158 standard, the Hart communication protocol retains the 4 — 20 mA standard signal for analogue data transmission, while allowing for digital communication modulated as an additional signal to the analogue signal. One advantage according to the company is that this facilitates reading additional parameters and diagnostic data from field devices, such as actuators, using the existing 4 — 20 mA infrastructure. EDD for AC. 2 controls with Hart interface will be available shortly for integration with Siemens Simatic PDM, Emerson AMS and Emerson 475 Field Communicator.