Solenoid Valves Ultra-Low-Power Pilot for Spool Valves

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

ASCO Numatics has introduced an ultra-low-power version of its Series 551 pilot valve. The new pilot features flapper nozzle technology and is designed to be mounted on pneumatic solenoid valves used in explosive atmospheres or industries where harmful substances are present. Available with a ¼" threaded connection or NAMUR interface, the new valve is suitable for voltages of 16–40 V and consumes just 30 mW. The proven flapper nozzle technology provides a long operating life of 25 million cycles. For even lower power requirement in battery-operated equipment, the company’s Series 630 Piezotronic Valve uses just 7 mW and has a service life of 1 billion cycles.