Hydrogen Plants Uhde and Praxair Sign Alliance Agreement

Editor: Manja Wühr

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Bridgeville/USA (fel) – Uhde and Uhde Corporation of America in Bridgeville/USA have signed a global hydrogen alliance agreement with Praxair. The arrangement effectively covers the areas of steam reformer-based hydrogen plants and over-the-fence (OFT) hydrogen supply. The hydrogen produced by these plants will be used in nearby refineries which are used to manufacture low-sulphur fuels. This alliance aims to help satisfy the global refining industry’s need for increasing amounts of hydrogen for the efficient production of cleaner burning fuels. As part of this alliance, Praxair and Uhde will also work together to advance the technology to address the refining industry’s future needs and challenges. Furthermore the alliance agreement covers a new hydrogen facility in India: Under this new alliance, Uhde’s Indian subsidiary and Praxair’s Indian subsidiary have already begun constructing a hydrogen facility which will be operated by Praxair in Paradip in the state of Orissa. This facility will utilize Uhde’s steam-reformer technology to supply approximately 100 000 Nm3/h of hydrogen, using Liquefied Propane Gas and naphtha as a feedstock. Praxair India will supply the produced hydrogen to Indian Oil Corporation’s new 300 000 barrels-per-day refinery currently under construction. The licence, technology, fundamental supplies, and monitoring services will be provided by Uhde, the parent company. The facility is scheduled for commissioning for the first quarter of 2012.