Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ubichem Plans New Fine Chemicals Production in Hungary

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Ubichem plans to produce starting materials, intermediates and other fine chemical products for pharma and non–pharma applications in Hungary. For this purpose, the company acquired a 55,000m2 (590,000 square feet) facility near Budapest, making it one of the largest providers of fine chemicals in the region.

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(Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

Budapest/Hungary – The new industrial scale production also epands Ubichem's ürpesence as a supplier of non–pharma branches within the process industry, the company believes.

”From now on we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services from process R&D through pilot-scale cGMP API manufacture to high-volume manufacturing.” – says CEO József Répási. “We believe we have a competitive edge over intermediate manufacturers based in Asia by leveraging the highly skilled talent pool of chemists and by meeting high quality expectations and strict deadlines for our customers“- he added.