Powder Handling Two Solutions for Reliable Bagging and Filling

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Concetti presents its IGF bagging machine range for various types of pre-made bags as well as its Contnua FFS bag filling solution.

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Packaging and bagging solutions from Concetti
Packaging and bagging solutions from Concetti
(Picture: Concetti)

Both models feature innovative devices allowing fast and accurate dosing and filling of powders, including those that are extremely fine, highly aerated and difficult to handle, the company states. The devices are suited to handle even very light powders (below 0,1 kg/l), producing bags as long as 130 cm. Special features guarantee product and process safety and reliable airtight packaging. An additional MAP system can be used to inject nitrogen (for example when bagging flour), prolonging the product freshness and shelf life. Concetti also offers combinations of the two machines. ACHEMA: Hall 3.0/Stand A3