Norway: Calamity Two Equinor Employees Injured in Serious Heimdal Incident

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Two Equinor workers were injured in a serious work-related incident onboard the Heimdal platform in the North Sea on November 28. The cause of the incident is still under investigation.

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The Heimdal platform.
The Heimdal platform.
(Source: Equinor/IKM)

Norway – The condition of one of the employees who were injured in the work-related incident on Heimdal is serious but not life-threatening. The other employee has suffered physical injuries that are not as serious as the colleague’s injuries. Both employees are receiving medical treatment in hospital.

“This is a serious work-related incident that has strongly affected all of us. Our main priority now is to keep following up and supporting our injured personnel and their next-of-kin. Their colleagues on Heimdal, where the incident occurred, are also being taken care of and we have sent extra personnel offshore to support them,” says Arne Sigve Nylund, executive vice president for Development and Production Norway.

The two injured employees, a man (22) and a woman (19), were taken care of by health personnel on board Heimdal and were transported to Haukeland University Hospital and Stavanger University Hospital. The incident occurred as a result of an explosion of a portable nitrogen gas container on board the platform and was reported to Equinor’s emergency response centre at 18.06 on 28 November. There were 70 people on board the platform when the incident occurred.

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It is too early to say something about the cause of the incident. The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway and the police have travelled to the platform to start their investigations. “We have also initiated an internal investigation and we are helping the police and other relevant authorities carry out their investigations in the best possible way,” says Nylund. He adds that a controlled production shutdown on Heimdal is planned to ensure proper follow-up of personnel on board the platform.

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